viernes, 12 de agosto de 2016

[Video/Lyrics] Sonata Arctica - Closer to an Animal (2016)

Los Finlandeses de Sonata Arctica nos comparte su reciente video lyrics del tema "Closer to an Animal" track perteneciente a su nuevo material "The Ninth Hour" a publicarse el 7 de octubre de 2016 bajo el sello Nuclear Blast Records.


1. Closer to an Animal 
2. Life 
3. Fairytale 
4. We Are What We Are 
5. Till Death's Done Us Apart 
6. Among the Shooting Stars 
7. Rise a Night 
8. Fly, Navigate, Communicate 
9. Candle Lawns 
10. White Pearl, Black Oceans, Pt. II - "By the Grace of the Ocean" 
11. On the Faultline (Closure to an Animal) 
12. Run to You